Day 15~ Out of Balance

One component of the 21 Day Challenge is investigating our basic constitutions. I would never attempt a more detailed description because I am still trying to understand the nuances myself, nonetheless, I have uncovered some core characteristics about myself. Essentially my middle name is NOT balance and I tend towards extremes. I am either racing around like a crazy woman trying to get things done in a rather frenetic and sometimes temperamental emotional state. OR I am cowering behind a book trying to avoid my general feeling of being overwhelmed, hoping to sneak in a nice nap. While this of course is not always the case, this swinging between extremes does feel a little too familiar to be a rare occurrence. Here is the good news. I am also learning that dragging myself to my mat when I am feeling most reluctant and having strong hibernation inclinations revives me and gets me moving. On the other hand, when I am most frazzled and overwhelmed, hitting the mat can settle me down. It is possible with a regular practice I can find a little more balance. Maybe it is time to get rid of my yoga binging tendencies and instead make it a way of life?