Day 14~ Yard Yoga

I spent a good chunk of today working outside after we had a tree by our house taken down. The tree guys left behind two giant piles of wood chips and a large collection of logs. The logs get cut up, go into the truck and out to the fire pit. The chips get loaded in a wheelbarrow and spread around the yard. Between each load I pause to pose – forward fold, a squat, child’s pose, down dog, knees to chest, spinal twists, and, in honor of our fallen friend, a couple of tree poses. Just a few minutes of intentional stretching and relaxation give me extra energy to work better and longer. And as I dig, lift, push and pull I try to remain conscious of wide shoulders, an engaged core, and a calm breath. If I could, I would whistle while I work, instead I hum a quiet tune and appreciate the chance to engage in useful physical labor.