Day 12~ Horsing Around

A dozen or more equestrian girls galloped into OTM on Sunday morning. Their chatter washed over me as I lay down on my mat – still worn out from tree work the day before. Ramsey arranged us to make space and reminded the assembled multitude that yoga is not about the perfect pose, rather it’s being aware of what’s happening inside when we do the pose. With that we were off. At times I felt like an ancient island in youthful sea. We ran out of blocks, so I handed mine to a neighbor, who was clearly new to the practice. It felt good to help someone and to connect with poses without my usual equipment. In addition to the horse riders, the group included a family, husbands and wives, a number of other beginners, and a bunch of well-seasoned veterans. When Ramsey and I talked about this blog, she said, “I don’t want people to feel afraid of trying yoga.” The class today vividly demonstrated how wide open the yoga tent can be.