Day 1 ~ Yoga Binging

I know intellectually that yoga is a practice that values consistency and regularity. Having said that I have a history of binge yoga – I am all in or all out. When in, I can’t imagine why I would not practice regularly….then I get distracted….then a couple weeks pass…..then I become afraid of how hard it will be to return. This is followed by a long period of intermittently signing up for classes, then canceling because, oops! something came up.

Before going to my first class of the 31 I will attend, I already had this post written in my head with lots of moaning about how inflexible my body is and how painful my return was. Then came the lovely surprise that I actually loved it. Maybe it is my age or more likely it is the years of listening to yoga teachers talking about focusing on your own mat, but I happily took every adjustment needed. I used so many props, I cleared the shelves at the studio. Taking a moment for some self care felt absolutely fabulous. And the best part is I am raring to go for tomorrow.