Day 10~ Home School

Today I decided to home school and it actually felt like quite a treat. I feel like the stars aligned and my house was unusually quiet and I could hear the rain dripping outside as I lay on my mat. Quite peaceful. Besides a three peat of one minute of dolphin pose and one minute […]


Day 9~ The Darn Hamster Wheel

One of the reasons I took on this challenge was because I was feeling like I was living my life like I was on a hamster wheel, cycling through the same work / home routine always in a rush. Here is the thing though, I know that I have a somewhat busy life, but I […]


Day 8~ Memory Loss

There are many forms of faith including having faith that you can get through something difficult. On a very basic level, I am often faced with this challenge when first arriving on my mat. Maybe because I have such a naturally stiff body, everything can feel so darn hard at first! That first downward dog […]


Day 7~ The Devil is in the Details

I always loved history in school, loved reading and writing about it and making the connections between different events and people. The problems arose when I needed to remember the specifics…. all of those dates, really? Forget about the names of those generals… please. I tend to be a big picture girl and sometimes ignore […]


Day 6~ Yoga Non-Sequiturs

I am not sure I am capable of putting down a cohesive thought, so instead for my post today I have compiled a list of non-sequiturs: 1) I am finding being grateful, joyful and having a bit of humor while on my mat is so SO much better then having running internal commentary around what […]


Day 5~ I Came For the Savasana

When I entered OTM today, I proudly announced that I was going to spend the entire class in child’s pose. And guess what? The lovely instructor told me that was completely fine. To my surprise, my tired body did wake up partway into the class and I did end up working harder then expected. Not […]


Day 4~ Escaping the Morning Blues

Today I rose with a large anxiety filled pit in my stomach. I knew I had a very long day ahead of me and with work and family obligations combined with a healthy dose of back from the holidays blues. Going to yoga first thing in the morning was such a bright light in my […]


Day 3~ Game On!

Here is a little nugget I completely forgot about: shorter classes does not mean less rigorous. Somehow I completely forgot this important information as I strolled into an hour long class where I was instructed to hold plank for at least 30 minutes straight. (OK, it is possible that I may be exaggerating, but nonetheless […]


Day 2~ Inversions Can Be OK?

Today I returned to one of my favorite classes. It was physically demanding with my first downward dog feeling more awkward then restful. I experienced a moment of initial panic wondering how / if I was going to make it through the class in one piece. Then I remembered child’s pose and my lovely blocks, […]


Day 1 ~ Yoga Binging

I know intellectually that yoga is a practice that values consistency and regularity. Having said that I have a history of binge yoga – I am all in or all out. When in, I can’t imagine why I would not practice regularly….then I get distracted….then a couple weeks pass…..then I become afraid of how hard […]