Day 20~ Easy Breezy

All of my marching today kept me away from the studio. It was an incredibly empowering and exciting day and as I headed home from Boston with my daughter we decided to celebrate with “dunch” (lunch/dinner). When I arrived home, I laid out my mat and got ready for some home yoga. Funny thing….yoga after […]


Day 19~ Confronting An Injury

I have a real talent for ignoring issues I would prefer not to deal with. This talent can take many forms – from bills to laundry to personal issues or to physical ailments. Today I rushed to an evening class after a very long day and was very happy to settle into one of my […]


Day 18~ Feeling Grateful for OTM

Today I woke up feeling incredibly stiff, sore and achy. Not the good kind of achy that is slightly exhilarating after a hard work out, but the SH*&% I am old kind of achy that comes from, well, being old. I hit the pause button at work and went to a mid-day stretching class that […]


Day 17~ To Cheat Or Not to Cheat

Thought for the day: If you are a cheaty pants by nature, it is easiest to cheat when you are lying on your mat doing some of those subtle ab exercises. I know what you are thinking reader….it only hurts you anonymous blogger to not do your best. Yes! you are correct, yet the cheating […]


Day 16~ When Lying Is The Way To Go

Sometimes it is ok to tell a white lie. I find this particularly true when I feeling super low energy and reluctant to get moving…so I fib. I tell myself if I can just get to class, I can spend my entire time in child’s pose and just enjoy the lovely yogaish environment. Truth is, […]


Day 15~ Out of Balance

One component of the 21 Day Challenge is investigating our basic constitutions. I would never attempt a more detailed description because I am still trying to understand the nuances myself, nonetheless, I have uncovered some core characteristics about myself. Essentially my middle name is NOT balance and I tend towards extremes. I am either racing […]


Day 14~ Love Those Beginner Classes

Short and sweet post today: Beginner classes can really be the way to go. It was like a Christmas miracle…I walked in and the instructor said she was going to focus on the psoas muscle, perfect for somebody with serious funkiness going on in one of her legs. Not only did I really get to […]


Day 13~ My Inner Sloth

After taking a long walk in the morning with one of my favorite people, I was ready to call it a day and hunker down at home, finish up some work and doing some general slothing around. Not able to trust myself to do yoga at home in my current mood, I did drag myself […]


Day 12~ Feeling Grateful

My commitment to yoga this month extends beyond this blog to the 21 Day Revolution. There is a lot I could say about this experience, including the fact that I am on the first day of a three day cleanse and could literally eat my arm, but what stands out the most is the community […]


Day 11~ Flaking Out On The Mat

Oh my. Not my best day…..I went to the absolute best class today, but really could not focus. I mean it was bad. Everybody was going right and I was going left. Downward Dog for others was Pyramid for me. I know that is ok if it is intentional, but this was not a way […]