Day 30~ The Record Shows, I Took The Blows, & Did It My Way

My month of doing yoga every day comes to a close today. It has been such a privilege to practice every day at a studio with such a wide range of talented teachers. I appreciate Ramsay and OTM giving me this opportunity to commit to a regular practice and thank anybody who took the time […]


Day 29~ Doubling Up

On my second to last day on this 31 day journey, I was out of town with no yoga class options so I tried something new – two short morning / evening home yoga sessions. I have to say, as somebody who tends to be all in or out and has the mentality of going […]


Day 28~ Going Rogue

Today I went rogue and attended a class at another yoga studio. I know, crazy stuff. I couldn’t make any of the classes at OTM work with my schedule (full disclosure, the 8am class was an option if it hadn’t been for the extra glass of wine the previous evening) so it did seem like […]

Day 27~ Do Not Try This At Home

Today I went grocery shopping while starving, obviously this is never a good move. I hadn’t eaten all day, another bad move, and proceeded to inhale some curry chicken salad. None of these choices support my efforts to be more balanced in my approach to food and exercise, but the real problem arose when I […]


Day 26~ Finding Peace In A Great Class

I have a friend who always says, “I would never ever talk to a friend the way I talk to myself.” I can often relate to her statement and wonder why I would chose to channel a negative voice when I can just as easily be kind to myself. There is something about the class […]


Day 25~ Reflections on Mat Placement

Great class today, wicked hard and time to go nighty noodles. Thought for the day: My perfect spot in a yoga class is in the back, preferably in a corner. When I am late and no spots are available in the back, I tend to put my mat close to a wall up front. Problem […]

Day 24~ Block Ninja

I am a block ninja. I move them up, down and sideways with ease as needed, always keep them within reach and even use them during savasana. I have not always had this great talent. During my early days of yoga, I thought I was supposed to struggle and using blocks was kind of the […]


Day 23~ Yoga Instructor or SuperHero?

Sometimes I look at yoga instructors who are super bendy and strong and think they are superheroes. Talking while upside down…really? Or counting while holding a particularly painful pose while also offering supportive instruction…how is that possible? Not to mention how they maintain an even temperament? Don’t they every want to yell “for the fiftieth […]


Day 22~ The Mental Check Out

Just a little insight into my mindset today…when I arrived at class and was laying on my mat, the instructor walked in holding what I thought was a lit cigarette. Within moments I did realize that I was actually in a yoga studio where Marlboro Reds are not generally consumed and the teacher was actually […]


Day 21~ To Yoga or Not to Yoga

What is it about rainy, grey Sundays that just say newspaper, book, binge watching with a side of bagel and coffee please? I am all for shutting it down, but unfortunately I chose to live in New England where Sundays can often be grey and rainy. Regularly shutting it down does conflict with a general […]