Art Supplies in Action

  First, thank you so much to many friends and yogis from On the Mat for the vast array of school and art supplies. I thought the girls would use these supplies in school, but we were asked to provide drawing time during the retreat. We started with the “little girls” between the ages of […]


Food, Glorious Food

When I thought about the food I would be eating at the Monastery, I envisioned a simple meal of rice and one other dish, including tea. When we first arrived, we were told there would be two meals a day during the retreat. Breakfast at 6 am. Lunch at 11 am. And then no food […]


The Girls Respond

There were some Burmese school girls who practiced yoga with the nuns each day. When we toured the school, we chatted with some of the 9th grade girls who had been to the older girls’ yoga classes. It was very hard for the Burmese girls to talk about how they felt. You will see that […]



One of the reasons the nuns are such amazing yogis is their evolved meditation practice. We joined them every morning at 5, after the wake up gong at 4:30. They started with 30 minutes of devotional prayer and 30 of silent meditation. Little 6 and 7 year olds were seated next to us so we […]


Eagle in the Tree

  We teach the older girls in the morning from 7 to 9 am and from 6 to 7. We do a round robin with a head teacher and helpers. We also give each other suggestions because teaching 90 girls at a time is hard to gauge a room. Here’s a video of a really […]


Partner Poses

One of the things we’ve noticed about the girls’ lives here in the monastery is the lack of play time together. The girls are loving the physical practice as well as the community feeling. In order to begin to build this sangha, we had the girls do partner yoga. You can see from the video […]


And now the practice of yoga

At 7 am we started our first yoga class by asking the 90+ 8th, 9th and 10th standard students to spread their arms wide side to side and front to back to find their “mat” in the room. Just as many yoga classes begin, after Wendy led them in an invocation chant, they came into […]


Monastery Day #1

We met the “Warden”and she was delightful. She wants the girls to do yoga… Whatever we think is best, but no feet higher than the head. That eliminates some postures but not as many as you might think. Then we watched as our beds were made, including our mosquitos netting! The really amazing part of […]


The Teaching Team

If you are reading this entry, it means that I haven’t had wifi since I arrived at the Monastery on the 11th, which was the night of the 10th for you. So, until I can bring you into the retreat, via text and photo, I’ll give you some more background. This all came about because […]


Preparing for Uncertainty

Today, when Marni’s Aunt Emerald spoke to us about our time in the nunnery, we learned a few things that were not quite what we expected. One, we are in the nunnery, during the Water Festival Retreat, for the duration until Sunday, April 17, after the closing ceremonies. We thought we might be able to […]