Day 31~ Poser

Everyone must have a pose they don’t like. Right now mine is Half Moon. I dread when I know it’s coming. After getting (often wrenching) myself into triangle the teacher invites us to move to Half Moon with a hand on a block. “Fly,” says Linda. “Flop,” I think. The too-tight connection through my hips […]


Day 30~ Solstice Flow

Under a slivered moon, we gather around the solstice fire to appreciate the elemental life forces that surge around us. Bend to earth hands touch the ground – Ahhhh. Reach to the air arms overhead– Ooooh. Face to the fire arms bent– Haaaa. Dive to the water hands together – Mmmmm. Our bodies strum a […]


Day 29~ Hey Guys

OK, since I’m a guy, I feel compelled to say something about our minority in the yoga community. Men ruled yoga until the latter years of the 20th century. Now it’s at least 80/20 women, although at OTM I have been in classes that are 50/50. I’m sure there is plenty of research about why […]

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Day 28~ Hanging Out

I’m hanging out in downward facing dog for a while tonight. Everyone else may have moved on, but I am content to just lean down, laze around and appreciate the practice that has brought me here. Loosen that neck and jaw. Tent those hands a tiny bit and press through those thumbs and forefingers. Turn […]


Day 27~ 12 Days of Yoga!

In the spirit of this holiday season I offer my very own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I assume most of you know the tune and the repetitive structure. I doubt you would be able to turn this version into a flow, but feel free to try or maybe switch the order of […]


Day 26~ Medicine

“It’s medicine,” says Linda, as we hold and hold and hold a pose. “If it’s medicine, why won’t my health insurance cover yoga?,” I wonder to myself. Yoga measurably contributes to my overall health. Simply by being aware of my body and my breath (although at times it’s not so simple), I learn to take […]

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Day 25~ Everyday Everyway

It’s a busy holiday week ahead and how can we possibly make time for yoga? When I tell people that I’ve been doing yoga since last January, they often ask where and how often. After I give them the On the Mat pep talk, I say, “Actually, I’m kind of doing yoga most all the […]


Day 24~ Cat & Cow

I decided that my yoga practice is all about cat and cow. But first I needed to learn which one breathes in (cow) and presses down, wide and out and which one breathes out (cat) and presses up, wide and out. Believe me, I kept getting mixed up. Today I feel this movement pattern as […]


Day 23~ Playing Dead

Awake at 4:30 a.m. and pearl white light streams onto the bed. I look out the window and the full moon lies low in the sky. Is that what woke me? My mind goes busy, but I don’t want to rise. I stretch out on my back and deeply breathe in and out the calm, […]


Day 22~ OM

To Om or not to Om that is the question of the day. Some teachers begin and/or end a session with what is sometimes referred to as the sound of the universe. I haven’t taken a survey, but I assume that there are people that really like to chant Om as part of their practice […]