Final Post: Gratitude

It’s hard to know where to start with this final, “On the Mat, On the Road,” post. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue my Blog, “Burma and Beyond,” nor continue to share my Blog with On the Mat’s Facebook page, but it does bring the official OTM Blog (www.onthematyoga.com) to a close today. Earlier […]



This past month, I’ve blogged for you, first predicting the future, and more recently reflecting on my past days in Burma. As we celebrate May Day today, Labor Day in many Asian countries, and one where the Communist Flay is displayed in Laos where I am at the moment, I’d like to switch gears, and […]


Mt. Popa

When Marni said the only “must do” in Bagan was a visit to Mount Popa, I expected another amazing temple, of which we’d seen many the previous day. Mount Popa is described as the Mount Olympus of Burma with “a temple” built upon the top. Or at least that’s what I thought. When we approached, […]


Beyond the Monastery

  We left the Monastery at 4:30 am to make a 6 pm flight to Bagan, a mecca of temples and spiritual energy with an indescribable number of Buddhas. As we departed, Marni posted on Facebook, “Exhausted but blissful yogis heading to Bagan for some R & R after a week of intense yoga and […]


What is Yoga?

In Burma: Yoga is not wearing any make-up. Yoga is not blow drying your hair. Yoga is not looking in mirror; there weren’t any. Yoga is sleeping on wood beds with cushions, four to a room, with mosquito netting. Yoga is not eating a meal after 12 pm Yoga is waking at 4 am with […]


New Year’s Day

Thingyan, Myanmar’s New Year’s Celebration, includes Water Festival followed by the more sacred New Year’s Day. I thought I would be participating in Water Festival, but the raucous water dousing, water gun brigades, and general frolic in the streets occurred while we were in the monastery, so we did not see that. At the end […]


Final Days

Initially, I thought I’d come to Burma with 3 other yoga teachers, teach yoga, and consequently share our experiences with you, including descriptions, photos and videos. This is certainly the time first time anyone taught Vinyasa flow yoga in a nunnery to nuns in their robes, and thus the dilemma. I didn’t quite understand why […]


Yoga Reaches Out

When I first agreed to teach the nuns, it meant I would miss Yoga Reaches Out May 1. In actuality, this experience with the nuns in Burma was its own version of Yoga Reaches Out, and in many ways reflects a similar concept. How can we bring our love of yoga out into the world, […]


The Little Girls

When we first arrived to the Monastery we learned that we would be teaching the 13-16 year old girls from 7 to 9 am, and from 5 to 6 pm. ‘Ooph’ was our first reaction. 3 hours of yoga? That’s a lot for beginners. At the end of that first day, little faces started appearing […]


“It’s Time for Yoga” in Burma

I wrote about Tara Rachel Jones’ generous donation before I left for Burma. Ten copies of her book, It’s Time for Yoga, joined the packages of markers, pens, papers, and pencils in the big black duffel bag. The day that we put the markers and pens out for coloring, we also put copies of Tara’s book […]