And now the practice of yoga

At 7 am we started our first yoga class by asking the 90+ 8th, 9th and 10th standard students to spread their arms wide side to side and front to back to find their “mat” in the room.


Just as many yoga classes begin, after Wendy led them in an invocation chant, they came into child’s pose. Getting them to lower their bum caused the first of many giggles.


We added a little twist to cat and cow with elongated moos and cat meows/hisses. Of course this brought more giggles and laughter. It was clear early on in the practice that these were all very new experiences for the girls, and they were a little embarrassed at first but quickly got into the rhythm and flow of the practice.

You can see the look of bliss after a long “hot and sweaty” practice and heart centered savasana. The hot and sweaty comes free, too!


What was astounding from the beginning of practice was how easy it was for the girls to drop in and ground. They were so clear on the rhythmic the breath, following the inhales and exhales and coming into stillness from the hours of meditation practice. Sensing their bodies was a new experience, and it was clear from the smiles of contentment that they enjoyed it